Healthfully Partners With Tenovi to Offer Simplified Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

by | Nov 10, 2022 | healthcare software solutions, Industry Resources, Products and Solutions

Healthfully clients are now able to offer patients a suite of industry-leading, FDA-approved devices that automatically transmits data using a cellular gateway—no smartphone or WiFi needed.

Santa Barbara, CA (November 10, 2022) — Healthfully®, an enterprise digital healthcare solutions company providing white-label technology platforms, today announced a partnership with Tenovi to offer simplified remote patient monitoring devices as part of their suite of digital health tools. Healthfully clients will now be able to give patients easy-to-use Internet-enabled devices for monitoring vital signs at home as part of their care plan—no smartphone or WiFi needed.

While many digital healthcare solution providers, including Healthfully, offer remote patient monitoring through smartphone apps or smart watches, older patients or those without an Internet connection may not be able to use these tools consistently. Tenovi eliminates the need for any apps, smartphones or even an Internet connection, because its devices are compatible with all cellular carriers globally. Tenovi devices that monitor vital signs such as blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, blood glucose and weight do not require any special setup or syncing, and automatically transmit data to a patient’s provider.

“We believe that remote patient monitoring devices that are connected via the Internet of Things (IoT) are the future,” said Paul Viskovich, CEO of Healthfully. “Better remote patient monitoring post-discharge leads to lower readmittance in hospitals, and ongoing remote patient monitoring improves health outcomes. But not everyone has equal access to the Internet or smartphones, and not every patient is able to navigate this technology easily. Simplifying the user experience encourages adoption and ongoing use of remote patient monitoring. This is why we are very excited to be working with Tenovi, in order to offer our enterprise clients a complete set of simple, cost-effective monitoring devices.”

Patients who use Tenovi’s IoT devices report far less time spent setting up the device at home, and greater ease of use. This in turn leads to more patient data that their providers can use to improve their care. In fact, an internal study found that Tenovi’s platform increased the number of patients eligible for MediCare CPT 99454 reimbursement by 27% when compared to other leading cellular remote patient monitoring devices.

Integrating Tenovi devices with Healthfully’s white-label digital healthcare technology platform will enable healthcare providers to improve patient adherence and outcomes, and allow them to reach more patients regardless of age, income or technology knowledge. The partnership with Tenovi is just the latest step in Healthfully’s mission to help patients get the care they need, the support they want and the inspiration to achieve better health.

“Healthfully has masterfully created an ecosystem centered around improving patient care,” said Dr. Nizan Friedman, CEO of Tenovi. “This shared vision of maximizing patient value at every corner is what excites me most about our partnership. Together, we aim to lower the barriers to remote patient monitoring for healthcare-focused organizations of every size.”

The Healthfully-Tenovi partnership will also be announced in a presentation at the 2022 HLTH Conference, taking place November 13-16 in Las Vegas. Tenovi devices will be available to test at Healthfully’s booth on the expo floor.

About Healthfully

Healthfully unifies access, support, and rewards to optimize consumer health. We provide enterprise organizations with a white-label, digital health experience platform to engage and empower consumers on their health and wellness journey. The platform blends compelling and valuable functions, intelligence, and content for patients, consumers, and communities, creating a great patient experience and helping achieve the goals of value-based care and population health management. www.healthfully.io

About Tenovi

Tenovi is an automation platform that serves as the conduit between medical device manufacturers and remote patient monitoring (RPM) companies. Their cellular gateway seamlessly automates data transfer of a growing number of FDA approved devices to care management platforms; their API-driven fulfillment and kitting service automates device and supplies delivery; and their client engagement platform automates ticketing support, billing, and device management.

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Paul Viskovich
Paul Viskovich is the founder and CEO of Healthfully. Paul has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare software industry. Previously, Paul served as President of Orion Health in North America where he led the company from start up to one of leading Health IT companies in North America.