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Referral and Case Management Solution

Healthfully provides healthcare organizations with a white-label, comprehensive technology platform and digital solutions that make it easy to deliver care across the entire enterprise. Healthfully’s tools include a referral and case management solution so that medical and wellness professionals can track patients, coordinate care and provide better health outcomes across appointments and between providers.   

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A Modern, End-to-End Patient Engagement Platform For Doctors and Therapists

Healthfully provides digital tools and technologies that facilitate communication and the exchange of information between patients, providers and healthcare organizations. The Healthfully platform provides healthcare organizations with tools to manage their patients and appointments. Features and tools of the Healthfully digital platform allow patients to:

  • Schedule and manage appointments
  • Complete digital forms and intake processes
  • View lab and test results and medical diagnoses
  • Manage electronic medical records (EMRs)
  • Receive or send messages to provider
  • Refill prescription medications
  • Access after visit summaries
  • View medical and family histories and past medications
  • Participate in social monitoring programs
  • Grant customizable access to family, friends or caregivers
  • Monitor and complete to-do lists items (scheduling a vaccination, for example)
  • Upgrade to and participate in concierge services


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  • Schedule Appointments
  • Send Messages
  • Refill Medication
  • Manage Copays
  • Make Payments
  • Invite Family or Caregivers
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Medical Information

  • Review Visit Summaries
  • Access Lab and Test Results
  • View Medical and Family History
  • See Past and Current Medications
  • Review Allergies, Procedures and Immunizations
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365 Day Relationship

  • Provide Concierge Services
  • Case Management Offerings
  • Participate in Health Coaching
  • Device Monitoring Connectivity
  • Access Social Monitoring Programs

Centralized Intake and Coordination of Referrals

The Healthfully system is a single, centralized platform for the effective intake of patients. 

With Healthfully, centralized intake workers or providers can accept referrals to see patients, including referrals from third-party systems, that are then generated within the Healthfully system. Healthcare professionals can also send referrals and coordinate care to other organizations including hospitals, government entities and publicly funded organizations. Referrals can be sent out as emails for those working on other systems.

Ongoing Case Management Including Patient Assessments and Note Taking

The Healthfully digital platform allows healthcare providers to stay on top of a patient’s progress with patient generated information from smart assessments, surveys, and evaluations, that automatically generate assessment scores and associated notifications/alerts for out-of-range results. Ongoing patient generated information is further enhanced with applicable practice note types for provider specialties.

Healthfully provides one integrated solution for capturing patient-generated information that can be shared easily across the continuum.

Collaborative Care Plan

The Healthfully platform includes an integrated patient care plan that can cut across multiple care settings including local community providers. The care plan can be created and maintained in collaboration with patients online. It incorporates, To-Dos, goals, needs, and referrals allowing care manage and providers to address the whole patient across multiple care settings.

Tools to deliver care include a virtual visit platform, secure and discrete messaging, caregiver and family access controls, online scheduling and appointments and a social engagement platform that encourages positive results and distributes important resources, tips and articles.

A Coordinated, Holistic Approach to Care

An important benefit of the Healthfully digital healthcare platform is that it allows doctor’s offices, hospitals, publicly funded entities, and government organizations to coordinate care across organizations.

The overall goal of the Healthfully system is to provide the best possible care and a seamless system that allows all organizations to coordinate care as effectively as possible ultimately benefitting the patient and improving outcomes.

Part of a Complete Suite of Digital Healthcare Solutions

What sets Healthfully apart is that we are not just a single solution. To deliver on our mission, we have developed a revolutionary digital health platform and suite of business solutions that help providers streamline patient care. In fact, it is the first platform of its kind to engage Clinical Care, Behavioral Health, Insurance, Wellness, and Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). Telehealth is just one benefit of our comprehensive platform.

Healthfully Engage

Connect people across health & wellness services, providing the best engagement experience for both patients and providers.

Key Features

  • Integrated patient scheduling and payments
  • Electronic completion of pre-visit forms
  • Secure messaging and televideo
  • Mobile check-in and waiting room management
  • Moderated health communities
  • Practice workspace and dashboard
  • Patient results access management to patient portal
Healthfully Lab*
Connect patients to laboratory services by simplifying the patient order-to-results process

Key Features

  • Integrated patient scheduling and payments
  • Electronic completion of pre-visit forms
  • Remote sample collection support for phlebotomists
  • Secure messaging and televideo
  • Integration with LIS (orders, results)
  • Provider access to patient Healthboard
  • Patient results access management
SDoH Case Management

Develop and empower a connected community of social service providers for improved patient Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

Key Features

  • Intake and eligibility
  • Care plans, needs, goals
  • Community resource matching and referrals
  • Case notes, to-dos
  • Patient queues for community services
  • Televideo and secure messaging
  • Local community service provider access
  • Clinical care manager access

Conduct virtual visits with your patients

Key Features

  • HD video & audio calls
  • Scheduled or unscheduled
  • Waiting room
  • Care coordinator support
  • Multi-party
  • Notifications
Healthfully Wellness*
Help patients get the support and inspiration they need to manage and engage in their health and wellness

Key Features

  • Health-coach access to patient Healthboard
  • Health-coach workspace: calendar, case notes, merchant account
  • Patient scheduling and payments
  • Remote consumer device integration
  • Apple Health and Google Fit integration
  • Secure messaging and televideo
Healthfully RPM*

Establish a 365-day relationship with patients diagnosed with health conditions, while leveraging care managers for increased reimbursements

Key Features

  • Care manager workspace, case notes, to-dos, notifications, alerts, timers
  • Remote consumer device integration with Apple Health, Google Fit and others
  • Enhanced clinical and management dashboards
  • EMR integration for patient orders, record updates, and billing
  • Patient results access management
  • RPM expansions: transitional, chronic, and acute care
Healthfully Kiosk
Expand the health system footprint by creating convenient digital locations in supermarket pharmacies, schools, and other community locations

Key Features

  • Real time Telehealth visit with provider
  • Device integration with thermometer, blood pressure cuff, blood oximeter, otoscope, dermatoscope, weight scale
  • Payment processing & insurance validation
  • Visit summary sent to patient
  • E-Prescribing
Integrated Scheduling

Enable patient to seamlessly schedule visits based on provider availability

Key Features

  • In-office and virtual visits
  • Reason for visit
  • Providers availability
  • Booking and scheduling
  • Confirmations
  • Notifications
  • Includes integration with EHR
Healthfully Concierge*
Offer patients exclusive memberships to concierge services with increased access and convenience.

Key Features

  • Membership account and membership fee collection
  • Access to patient Healthboard
  • Integrated patient scheduling and co-payments
  • Direct-call to provider mobile (without revealing phone number)
  • Wellness remote consumer device integration
  • Secure messaging and televideo
  • Patient results access management
Healthfully Urgent Care
Connect patients to digital and digitally-enabled urgent care services by simplifying the pre-visit process and enabling an improved patient experience

Key Features

  • Access to patient Healthboard
  • Mobile check-in and waiting room management
  • Wait time transparency
  • Digital kiosk integration
  • Televideo with patient for urgent-care-telehealth
  • Integrated patient scheduling and payments
  • Electronic completion of pre-visit forms
  • Practice workspace and dashboard
  • Post-visit patient satisfaction surveys
Intake and Registration

Patients can self-register for healthcare services from the privacy and safety of their own device, no matter where they are.

Key Features

  • Self-register patient account, demographics, and profile
  • Insurance verification, credit-card on file
  • Consent management and pre-visit forms
Patient Portal

Certified next generation portal that patients expect

Key Features

  • Web & mobile
  • Patient health record
  • Patient summaries
  • Patient health board
  • Device connectivity
  • Secure messaging
  • Scheduling and more

Is Case and Referral Management Functionality Important When Selecting a Digital App or Software for Doctors’ Offices?

When evaluating a digital tool for doctors, behavioral health specialists and other healthcare professionals, individuals often look for several important functions including scheduling, bill pay, messaging, lab results and health records. Healthfully’s advantages don’t stop with the basics. The Healthfully team has included functionality for case management and referrals so that cases that need multiple organizations and specialists involved can be handled with the best possible care. For example, the Healthfully system allows doctors to refer individuals to government aid as well as receive referrals from other specialists. Providers are able to monitor visits, take notes, generate care plans, and share goals and achievements across the continuum.

What is the Best Digital Healthcare Platform or App for Case Management and Provider Referrals?

Many components go into selecting a digital health platform, software or app solution for a healthcare professionals. While certain features including the ability to book appointments, reminders, digital forms, and payments may be absolutely necessary, it’s also important to understand if you are looking for a single standalone feature or an end-to-end digital healthcare solution.

The most important aspect of the Healthfully digital solution is that it is comprehensive of many digital healthcare functions. A single platform can satisfy many desired operational necessities including telehealth, appointments scheduling, payments, test and lab results, electronic medical records, remote patient monitoring and more. The Healthfully unified app/platform provides enough function, and stickiness to create an engaged consumer, which is fundamental to achieving better health and wellness outcomes.

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Healthfully integration platform supports EMPI, APIs, HL7, FHIR, & data services for integration with many EMR, EHR, HIS, ERP, Finance & BI/AI systems