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Concierge Medicine Digital Platform

Healthfully provides enterprise healthcare organizations with a white-label, comprehensive technology platform and business solutions that make it easy to deliver care across the entire enterprise. One of the functionalities available through the Healthfully app is the ability to easily support and integrate within a provider’s concierge medicine program; expanding service options to patients while providing healthcare organizations additional revenue options.

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A Comprehensive, Digital Platform For Healthcare Organizations

  • Intake and Registration
  • Scheduling and Billing
  • Secure Messaging
  • Telehealth 
  • Patient Portal
  • EMR Light
  • Lab & Test Results
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Concierge Medicine
  • Case management, Referral management
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What are Concierge Healthcare Services?

Concierge services seek to offer an enhanced, personalized approach to providing health services to each patient. It focuses on providing increased patient access to a physician, both in terms of availability and duration spent with the patient. Providers of concierge services typically charge the patient an ongoing monthly or annual fee for increased access, allowing the physician to take a much smaller case load. Standard clinical services continue to be billed through Medicare or the patient’s insurance plan. Many patients are willing to pay for exclusive memberships and increased service. The benefits of such a relationship to a patient may include:

  • Ability to directly call, text or message your doctor
  • Faster and same-day appointments
  • Longer and direct 1 on 1 time with a provider
  • Personalized health screenings and evaluations
  • Personalized and expanded health and wellness advice
  • Personalized preventative care reminders
  • Remote patient monitoring services

One of the key challenges of concierge services is offering the increased services for a competitive price that patients are willing to pay. For the economics of this model to work, a physician’s time needs to take advantage of a highly-leveraged digital patient engagement platform. Patients can experience a 365-day relationship and engage in services without always needing a face-to-face encounter with the physician.

With Healthfully’s tools and applications, healthcare organizations can manage the digital and communication aspects of their concierge medicine programs. Healthfully allows healthcare providers the ability to set prices and manage patient subscriptions so they can focus on providing quality care while increasing revenue through additional service models.

Most importantly, Healthfully’s concierge services are packaged within an comprehensive, white-label platform covering the entire scope of tools and functionality expected in a digital healthcare solution.

Provide More Times For Patients To Book Appointments

One of the expected features of a concierge medicine program is the ability to book appointments more easily and with very short notice through a patient portal. Patients in a concierge medicine program can often book an appointment the same day or after hours even if it’s not an immediate emergency.

The Healthfully platform allows patients or those in their caregiving circles to book virtual or telemedicine appointments directly through a simple digital interface. Healthcare organizations can set the schedules and availability of their providers and specialists so that patients can find an appointment quickly.

Direct and Easy 1 on 1 Communication With Patients

Perhaps the most commonly associated feature of concierge medicine is the ability for patients to communicate directly and easily with their doctors. Patients should be able to send messages, call and conduct video appointments directly with their doctor. In this regard, Healthfully supports concierge medicine fully with a host of tools. 

Healthfully’s white-label platform allows patients to speak with their doctor or complete a virtual office visit from anywhere with an internet connection. Providers can connect with various cameras and smart technology to ensure a thorough evaluation that isn’t diminished by the distance between patient and provider.

Additionally, patients can send a message and place calls through a secure SIP system that remains private and secure while integrating with a phone’s calling features. This allows a clinician to take calls on their cell phone, in context of the patient record without giving away the clinician’s cell phone number. 

Improve Patient Wellness With Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Tools

According to Concierge Medicine provider MDVIP, studies show patients in their practices experience fewer hospitalizations, receive more preventative care and better manage chronic conditions. A big part of this is their focus on prevention and wellness.

With Healthfully you can establish a 365-day relationship with your patients and ensure they are taking the preventative steps to stay healthy.

Tools include remote consumer device integration, care manager workspaces, enhanced clinical and management dashboards and more.

Manage Concierge Medicine Subscriptions, Fee Terms and Payments

An important component of concierge medicine for healthcare providers is the additional revenue that it can bring to an organization. Some providers have even based their entire practice on the model, by exclusively offering concierge medicine to their patients in price tiers that range from a few hundred dollars to upwards of $10,000 per year.

With Healthfully it’s easy to determine the concierge medicine payment structure and parameters that work for your organization. Healthfully offers patients the ability to pay directly through its patient portal additionally reducing administration costs and time.

Part of a Complete Suite of Digital Healthcare Solutions

What sets Healthfully apart is that we are not just a single solution. To deliver on our mission, we have developed a revolutionary digital health platform and suite of business solutions that help providers streamline patient care. In fact, it is the first platform of its kind to engage Clinical Care, Behavioral Health, Insurance, Wellness, and Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). Telehealth is just one benefit of our comprehensive platform.

Healthfully Engage

Connect people across health & wellness services, providing the best engagement experience for both patients and providers.

Key Features

  • Integrated patient scheduling and payments
  • Electronic completion of pre-visit forms
  • Secure messaging and televideo
  • Mobile check-in and waiting room management
  • Moderated health communities
  • Practice workspace and dashboard
  • Patient results access management to patient portal
Healthfully Lab*
Connect patients to laboratory services by simplifying the patient order-to-results process

Key Features

  • Integrated patient scheduling and payments
  • Electronic completion of pre-visit forms
  • Remote sample collection support for phlebotomists
  • Secure messaging and televideo
  • Integration with LIS (orders, results)
  • Provider access to patient Healthboard
  • Patient results access management
SDoH Case Management

Develop and empower a connected community of social service providers for improved patient Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

Key Features

  • Intake and eligibility
  • Care plans, needs, goals
  • Community resource matching and referrals
  • Case notes, to-dos
  • Patient queues for community services
  • Televideo and secure messaging
  • Local community service provider access
  • Clinical care manager access

Conduct virtual visits with your patients

Key Features

  • HD video & audio calls
  • Scheduled or unscheduled
  • Waiting room
  • Care coordinator support
  • Multi-party
  • Notifications

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Healthfully Wellness*
Help patients get the support and inspiration they need to manage and engage in their health and wellness

Key Features

  • Health-coach access to patient Healthboard
  • Health-coach workspace: calendar, case notes, merchant account
  • Patient scheduling and payments
  • Remote consumer device integration
  • Apple Health and Google Fit integration
  • Secure messaging and televideo
Healthfully RPM*

Establish a 365-day relationship with patients diagnosed with health conditions, while leveraging care managers for increased reimbursements

Key Features

  • Care manager workspace, case notes, to-dos, notifications, alerts, timers
  • Remote consumer device integration with Apple Health, Google Fit and others
  • Enhanced clinical and management dashboards
  • EMR integration for patient orders, record updates, and billing
  • Patient results access management
  • RPM expansions: transitional, chronic, and acute care

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Healthfully Kiosk
Expand the health system footprint by creating convenient digital locations in supermarket pharmacies, schools, and other community locations

Key Features

  • Real time Telehealth visit with provider
  • Device integration with thermometer, blood pressure cuff, blood oximeter, otoscope, dermatoscope, weight scale
  • Payment processing & insurance validation
  • Visit summary sent to patient
  • E-Prescribing
Integrated Scheduling

Enable patient to seamlessly schedule visits based on provider availability

Key Features

  • In-office and virtual visits
  • Reason for visit
  • Providers availability
  • Booking and scheduling
  • Confirmations
  • Notifications
  • Includes integration with EHR
Healthfully Concierge*

Offer patients exclusive memberships to concierge services with increased access and convenience.

Key Features

  • Membership account and membership fee collection
  • Access to patient Healthboard
  • Integrated patient scheduling and co-payments
  • Direct-call to provider mobile (without revealing phone number)
  • Wellness remote consumer device integration
  • Secure messaging and televideo
  • Patient results access management

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Healthfully Urgent Care
Connect patients to digital and digitally-enabled urgent care services by simplifying the pre-visit process and enabling an improved patient experience

Key Features

  • Access to patient Healthboard
  • Mobile check-in and waiting room management
  • Wait time transparency
  • Digital kiosk integration
  • Televideo with patient for urgent-care-telehealth
  • Integrated patient scheduling and payments
  • Electronic completion of pre-visit forms
  • Practice workspace and dashboard
  • Post-visit patient satisfaction surveys
Intake and Registration

Patients can self-register for healthcare services from the privacy and safety of their own device, no matter where they are.

Key Features

  • Self-register patient account, demographics, and profile
  • Insurance verification, credit-card on file
  • Consent management and pre-visit forms
Patient Portal

Certified next generation portal that patients expect

Key Features

  • Web & mobile
  • Patient health record
  • Patient summaries
  • Patient health board
  • Device connectivity
  • Secure messaging
  • Scheduling and more

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How is Concierge Medicine Changing Healthcare?

In recent years many people have felt a shift from a patient-driven healthcare system to one in which insurance companies dictate the quality of care. As a result, doctor’s offices have often become associated with crowded waiting rooms and low appointment availability.

Concierge medicine is a new term to many people, but one that could make sense for many patients based on their individual health and financial situations. At its core, concierge medicine is a premium service that allows customers to pay a retainer fee to always have quick access to their doctor. In most cases, patients can schedule an immediate appointment and even directly call their physician.

A number of doctor’s offices have switched to this model, seeing fewer patients but providing more dedicated care. These providers limit the number of patients in their programs, ultimately leading to a better patient experiences.

What Are The Best Concierge Medicine Digital Apps And Platforms?

Many components go into selecting a digital technology platform or app solution for healthcare organizations looking to implement a concierge medicine component to their practice.

Some digital healthcare platforms offer software and other tools across many different specialties, but many focus on a niche specialty or particular mode of healthcare, such as only a patient portal or lab results system. Healthfully provides a comprehensive technology platform and business solutions that make care delivery across the entire enterprise easy.

Both patients and health systems prefer a single platform to engage in health, wellness, or Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). One place to get all your health and wellness jobs done – for you and your family.

The Healthfully unified app/platform provides enough function and stickiness to create an engaged consumer, which is fundamental to achieving better health and wellness outcomes.

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