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Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

Healthfully provides enterprise healthcare organizations with a white-label, comprehensive technology platform and digital solutions that make it easy to deliver care across the entire enterprise. Our Remote Patient Monitoring technology provide doctor’s offices and healthcare organizations the tools to establish closer, ongoing relationships with their patients that lead to better health outcomes and expanded revenue and reimbursement opportunities. 

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A Comprehensive, Digital Platform For Healthcare Organizations

  • Intake and Registration
  • Scheduling and Billing
  • Secure Messaging
  • Telehealth 
  • Patient Portal
  • EMR Light
  • Lab & Test Results
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Concierge Medicine
  • Case management, Referral management
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What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring or RPM refers to the use of technology by healthcare organizations to remotely monitor a patient’s health in order to establish a more in-depth, ongoing relationship and understanding that extends beyond weekly or monthly visits in order to ultimately improve care.

RPM is most beneficial in cases of chronic conditions including diabetes, hypertension, congenital heart failure, obesity, high glucose, and home or hospice care. The technologies rely on data from smart devices including scales, fitness trackers, blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, glocometers and pulse readers.

For patients the benefits of RPM are obvious. Technologies allow for patients and providers to view health alerts, send and receive messages and make real-time changes to care plans. For healthcare providers, the ability to bill and receive reimbursement for these expanded monitoring services provides additional revenue opportunities in between patient visits.

COVID-19 forced providers to ramp up innovation and adoption. As a result, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) programs have been pushed into the spotlight and are here to stay. 

Healthfully provides a fully comprehensive white-label digital platform for healthcare providers looking to implement and take advantage of the benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring. From smart device integration, alerts, messaging and program implementation, connect with us to learn more about how our RPM solution can help.

Technology to Collect Data From The Most Popular Smart Devices

Remote Patient Monitoring is based on the concept of monitoring a patient on a consistent basis. While RPM has been around since the 1960s, smart devices have changed the game. The Healthfully digital platform has the ability to connect with the top five health device systems: Apple Health, Google Fit, Withings, Fitbit and iHealth.

This integration flexibility not only provides more devices to connect with your Remote Patient Monitoring program, but it also removes a barrier-to-entry for many patients. Many RPM programs require a patient to purchase a device specific to the program. Healthfully can easily integrate millions of devices already in use, lowering initial patient costs.

RPM Technology to Turn Data Into Health Decisions

When implementing a Remote Patient Monitoring program, perhaps more important than collecting the data is what the technology platform then does with that data. While some platforms leave healthcare providers and their staff sorting through spreadsheets, Healthfully processes and turns that data into information that both the provider and patient can access.

Whether you want staff to be alerted when a patient gains too much weight or display to a patient how many steps they performed in a given week, the Healthfully platform has the functionality and tools to put your RPM program into action.

Recurring Assessments and Patient Electronic Consents

While Bluetooth and smart technology have certainly improved remote patient monitoring program effectiveness, there are still many aspects of health that a device can’t monitor.

For example, a device can’t really determine how much pain a patient is experiencing. Or perhaps a patient’s vitals look great, but they are experiencing shortness of breath. These types of measurements need to be communicated through assessments and patient communication. 

With Healthfully, doctors and providers can send automatic evaluations that provide additional insight and information on a patient’s wellbeing so appropriate action can be taken.

The Best in Patient, Provider Communication With Healthfully

The best part about partnering with Healthfully is that you have access to a full suite of white-label digital healthcare tools. Whether you want to hold a virtual, telehealth appointment, or send a secure message, the Healthfully platform has the features and capabilities to provide an optimal patient experience for your RPM program.

Additional tools include the communities health board where provider-shared posts and peer support can encourage patients to live healthier and meet their goals. Perhaps you want to share a video about five important foods for diabetes patients. With the Healthfully suite of digital tools, integrating encouragement, tips, videos and articles into your RPM program is simple and effective.

Satisfy Reimbursement Requirements and Collect Payments 

An extremely beneficial aspect of establishing a remote patient monitoring program is the ability to add an additional revenue stream between in-person visits. Simply put, reimbursement changes are making remote patient monitoring a necessity. With Healthfully, you can easily track the monitoring activities necessary to meet billing thresholds and send reminders to ensure those thresholds are met by patients.

Additionally, some healthcare organizations may be looking to charge subscriptions or retainer fees to patients for their RPM services as part of a concierge medicine program. With Healthfully, you can easily set parameters and collect payments for your RPM services.

Support to Implement Your Remote Patient Monitoring Program

The goal of the Healthfully platform is to provide a simple and intuitive digital platform for healthcare organizations. While the tools support the administration and implementation of an RPM program, you may need additional manpower to get started. Dedicated care managers are a necessity, since physicians are not able to provide this level of support to all patients all the time. Healthcare providers should set themselves up for success by finding a partner who can support the program through a centralized or shared-services model.

Healthfully can provide the experienced staffing to get your RPM program off the ground. Start the conversation to see how we can work together.

Part of a Complete Suite of Digital Healthcare Solutions

What sets Healthfully apart is that we are not just a single solution. To deliver on our mission, we have developed a revolutionary digital health platform and suite of business solutions that help providers streamline patient care. In fact, it is the first platform of its kind to engage Clinical Care, Behavioral Health, Insurance, Wellness, and Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). Telehealth is just one benefit of our comprehensive platform.

Healthfully Engage

Connect people across health & wellness services, providing the best engagement experience for both patients and providers.

Key Features

  • Integrated patient scheduling and payments
  • Electronic completion of pre-visit forms
  • Secure messaging and televideo
  • Mobile check-in and waiting room management
  • Moderated health communities
  • Practice workspace and dashboard
  • Patient results access management to patient portal
Healthfully Lab*
Connect patients to laboratory services by simplifying the patient order-to-results process

Key Features

  • Integrated patient scheduling and payments
  • Electronic completion of pre-visit forms
  • Remote sample collection support for phlebotomists
  • Secure messaging and televideo
  • Integration with LIS (orders, results)
  • Provider access to patient Healthboard
  • Patient results access management
SDoH Case Management

Develop and empower a connected community of social service providers for improved patient Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

Key Features

  • Intake and eligibility
  • Care plans, needs, goals
  • Community resource matching and referrals
  • Case notes, to-dos
  • Patient queues for community services
  • Televideo and secure messaging
  • Local community service provider access
  • Clinical care manager access

Conduct virtual visits with your patients

Key Features

  • HD video & audio calls
  • Scheduled or unscheduled
  • Waiting room
  • Care coordinator support
  • Multi-party
  • Notifications

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Healthfully Wellness*
Help patients get the support and inspiration they need to manage and engage in their health and wellness

Key Features

  • Health-coach access to patient Healthboard
  • Health-coach workspace: calendar, case notes, merchant account
  • Patient scheduling and payments
  • Remote consumer device integration
  • Apple Health and Google Fit integration
  • Secure messaging and televideo
Healthfully RPM*

Establish a 365-day relationship with patients diagnosed with health conditions, while leveraging care managers for increased reimbursements

Key Features

  • Care manager workspace, case notes, to-dos, notifications, alerts, timers
  • Remote consumer device integration with Apple Health, Google Fit and others
  • Enhanced clinical and management dashboards
  • EMR integration for patient orders, record updates, and billing
  • Patient results access management
  • RPM expansions: transitional, chronic, and acute care

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Healthfully Kiosk
Expand the health system footprint by creating convenient digital locations in supermarket pharmacies, schools, and other community locations

Key Features

  • Real time Telehealth visit with provider
  • Device integration with thermometer, blood pressure cuff, blood oximeter, otoscope, dermatoscope, weight scale
  • Payment processing & insurance validation
  • Visit summary sent to patient
  • E-Prescribing
Integrated Scheduling

Enable patient to seamlessly schedule visits based on provider availability

Key Features

  • In-office and virtual visits
  • Reason for visit
  • Providers availability
  • Booking and scheduling
  • Confirmations
  • Notifications
  • Includes integration with EHR
Healthfully Concierge*

Offer patients exclusive memberships to concierge services with increased access and convenience.

Key Features

  • Membership account and membership fee collection
  • Access to patient Healthboard
  • Integrated patient scheduling and co-payments
  • Direct-call to provider mobile (without revealing phone number)
  • Wellness remote consumer device integration
  • Secure messaging and televideo
  • Patient results access management

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Healthfully Urgent Care
Connect patients to digital and digitally-enabled urgent care services by simplifying the pre-visit process and enabling an improved patient experience

Key Features

  • Access to patient Healthboard
  • Mobile check-in and waiting room management
  • Wait time transparency
  • Digital kiosk integration
  • Televideo with patient for urgent-care-telehealth
  • Integrated patient scheduling and payments
  • Electronic completion of pre-visit forms
  • Practice workspace and dashboard
  • Post-visit patient satisfaction surveys
Intake and Registration

Patients can self-register for healthcare services from the privacy and safety of their own device, no matter where they are.

Key Features

  • Self-register patient account, demographics, and profile
  • Insurance verification, credit-card on file
  • Consent management and pre-visit forms
Patient Portal

Certified next generation portal that patients expect

Key Features

  • Web & mobile
  • Patient health record
  • Patient summaries
  • Patient health board
  • Device connectivity
  • Secure messaging
  • Scheduling and more

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How Important Is Remote Patient Monitoring for Healthcare Providers?

Remote Patient Monitoring programs are a vital component for healthcare providers. COVID-19 has shown that remote care is here to stay, and recent reimbursement changes mean RPM can be a strong source of revenue for your organization. Some recent statistics regarding the adoption of RPM include:

  • 23.4 million U.S. patients used RPM services and tools in 2020 
  • 30 million U.S. patients are expected to use RPM services and tools by 2024
  • 80% of Americans are in favor of using RPM 
  • 46% of millennials have used blood pressure monitoring device 
  • 24% of practices have RPM technology available 
  • 76% reduction in readmission rate credited to RPM by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 
  • 26 states have adopted Medicaid coverage for remote patient monitoring 


What Are The Best Remote Patient Monitoring Apps and Platforms?

Many components go into selecting a digital technology platform or app solution for healthcare organizations looking to implement a Remote Patient Monitoring program in their practice.

Some digital healthcare platforms offer software and other tools across many different specialties, but many focus on a niche specialty or particular mode of healthcare, such as only a patient portal or lab results system. Healthfully provides a comprehensive technology platform and business solutions that make care delivery across the entire enterprise easy.

Both patients and health systems prefer a single platform to engage in health, wellness, or Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). One place to get all your health and wellness jobs done – for you and your family.

The Healthfully unified app/platform provides enough function and stickiness to create an engaged consumer, which is fundamental to achieving better health and wellness outcomes.

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