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Healthfully provides enterprise organizations with a white-label, comprehensive technology platform to engage and empower consumers on their health and wellness journey. We simplify the healthcare experience for everyone through our personalized and convenient service offerings and unifying, white-label platform. 

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems & Processes

Effective Solutions for Healthcare Enterprises

Healthfully’s pre-built integration platform allows seamless interoperability across an organization’s existing enterprise solution. This includes EMRs, EHRs, ERPs, Payors, Payment Networks, Data Warehouses, and existing Identify and Access Management services. Integrating new technologies with existing electronic medical records (EMRs) is one of the greatest challenges that healthcare entities and providers face today.

With Healthfully, healthcare systems and organizations can integrate patient engagement functions as needed, including: intake and registration, scheduling and appointments, payments, patient activation, virtual care, telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM), behavioral health, social determinants of health, and wellness programs. We also provide the complete technology suite for healthcare entities to white label our platform with their branding and specific needs.

As the first platform of its kind, our digital health solutions help healthcare organizations streamline patient care to deliver the cohesive care patients need, the support they want, and the inspiration to achieve better health.

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Helping Healthcare Enterprises Succeed

Product & Business Offerings

As part of a commitment to simplify the healthcare experience for everyone, we provide a comprehensive platform with white-label capabilities, as well as a series of service offerings that can be integrated with existing EMRs and other healthcare system software.

Our platform reaches across the care spectrum, delivering a consistent experience that enables organizations to optimize consumer health through access, support, and rewards.

With Healthfully, healthcare enterprises can:

  • Establish a single brand-experience across the inpatient and outpatient care continuum.
  • Establish a comprehensive digital front door to health services for consumers.
  • Deploy Healthfully functions based on your organization’s system needs and growth.
  • Contract complete patient engagement business solutions including the people, process, and technology to support your organization’s patient clinical needs.
  • Provide an easy-to-use, certified patient portal that is frictionless for both providers and patients.
  • Capture patient data required to perform value-based care and population health management.
  • Enhance the patient/provider experience through a holistic and integrated solution from an all-in-one platform.

Responsive & Targeted

Practice Solutions

Healthcare today encompasses more than just care within a hospital or clinical setting. Schools, workplaces, and community spaces across the nation are increasing the focus on preventative care and overall wellness.

Healthfully works with universities, corporations, and community organizations and wellness programs to provide responsive, effective, and focused solutions that increase the overall health of the community.

Healthfully is the first platform of its kind to engage all of the following services for health systems, hospitals and clinical practices:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Clinical Care
  • Insurance
  • Wellness
  • Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

Improving Patient Experiences

Real World Solutions

“Healthfully has a comprehensive solution suite for patient engagement built on a strong foundation for health systems with heterogeneous EHR ecosystems. This is critical in providing consumers/patients with a consistent user experience across all venues of care.”

John Moore

CEO & Founder, Chilmark Research

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